About ServeTM

We believe in the power of technology and training. Technology and training helps each one of us become more efficient & effective.

ServeTM offers world class technology & training tools for financial advisors to serve consumers efficiently & professionally. The tools are available on mobile devices and shortly as a web system. Existing & prospective advisors would be trained as “Certified Financial Services Counsellor” (CFSC).

While we see a lot of complaints from consumers about deficiency in service, there are many advisors who are willing to help. Our technology & training tools help connect the consumers with trained advisors.

Consumers would be able to make service requests about their insurance & investment policies. Trained CFSCs/Advisors would be able to serve these consumers.

The app will also help consumers setup & track their financial goals. The app helps advisors reach out to consumers with their service requirements & financial goals.

ServeTM, as a platform, would enable and facilitate both consumers and the financial advisor.

Serve Through Mobile (ServeTM) is the idea behind the platform for both the consumer as well as the advisor.

ServeTM provides full spectrum of IT services and solutions like:

  • Interactive Kiosk,
  • Web Design and Development,
  • Gaming and
  • Mobile Application development.

We combine business domain knowledge, especially in the financial services domain, and excellent technological skills to deliver high quality solutions to maximize your competitive advantage and productivity.

ServeTM Team

The app has been built by technocrats and professionals with extensive experience in both the financial services sector & the technology sector. ServeTM Technologies has been incorporated in August, 2016.

You can download the android apps below:

For Consumers:
Get it on Google Play

For ServeTM Partners:
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