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Investments is a Complex Polynomial Equation

While we must accept that investment is a polynomial equation and not a linear one, it’s also important to note that it can have an easy and simple answer! Bear with me for 2 minutes before we discuss the one possible answer. The Equation Let us begin with an understanding of the equation itself. I… Continue reading Investments is a Complex Polynomial Equation

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Mis-selling Cases

While systems for Banking ethics and code for customer support are in place, the Deputy Governor, RBI highlighted the growing cases of mis-selling in India. Here’s an extract of the speech of Shri S. S. Mundra, Deputy Governor, RBI. There has been increasingly large number of cases of mis-selling of third party products, particularly insurance products to… Continue reading Mis-selling Cases

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Look out for Information Overload

It may sound as a paradox that we, being a information media ourselves, warn you about information overload! Yes, being an informed investor makes a lot of sense. But then, too much of anything is not okay too. Too many options in investments is a problem! Consumers suffer from decision paralysis because of the thousands… Continue reading Look out for Information Overload

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How Investing is much like Driving

In 1995, I had a choice between buying a Maruti 800 and a Premier Padmini. Buying the Ambassador was ruled out. And to get a Maruti 800, I had to wait for 6 months. The ever snappy boss cryptically called up and asked, “More interested in car or the career?” So Premier Padmini it was..… Continue reading How Investing is much like Driving

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How to Set-Up Your Personal Financial System

Investing is much like driving a car. You start with driving lessons on an old car and then graduate from a simple car to a high end car. And you don’t need to be an automobile engineer to drive a car. And the driving lessons are not rocket science too. You just need to figure… Continue reading How to Set-Up Your Personal Financial System

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Starter Basics for Starting Your Investments

Here’s a masterclass on how to blow away Rs 60 crore. “Part of the money went for gambling, part for horses, and part for women. The rest I spent foolishly.” Well, this is the explanation given by late actor George Raft and perhaps we can learn from him. But seriously, we want to talk about… Continue reading Starter Basics for Starting Your Investments