Our registered address is A-502, Jai Ganesh CHS, Plot no.31, Sector 20, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

ServeTM is a digital platform for financial advisors and consumers. The platform is available on mobile devices and shortly as a web system.

Consumers would be able to make service requests about their insurance & investment policies. Advisors would be able to serve these consumers.

The app will also help consumers setup & track their financial goals. The app helps advisors reach out to consumers with their service requirements & financial goals.

ServeTM, as a platform, would enable and facilitate both consumers and the financial advisor.

ServeTM (Serve Through Mobile) is a win-win platform for both the consumer as well as the advisor.

You can download the android apps below:

For Consumers:
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For ServeTM Partners:
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You can call us on +91-9892-3934-69