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List of Sample SMART Financial Goals

If you want to get started on planning for your financial goals, here’s a list that you can begin with. The list is sorted out in terms of various time frames.

Short Term Financial Goals Medium Term Financial Goals Long Term Financial Goals
Making a contingency fund or emergency fund for family. Retiring a loan or debt. Building retirement corpus. (both, expenses and medical included)
Saving for school admission of kids. Planning for a foreign trip or a vacation. Saving for providing inheritance.
Saving for a purchase in near term like a domestic appliance or for treatment of a recently diagnosed ailment. Saving for college or pre college expenses for your kid. Saving for daughter’s marriage etc.
Saving for life insurance premiums. Saving for starting a family in coming years. Planning a home for post-retirement life or a farm house.
Investments for tax planning. (actually it’s a mean but people think it’s a goal) Planning for a new or change of vehicle.
Saving for home/property investment.

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