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Money Management Workshop for Students

STUDENTSStudents want to learn but do not want to be taught! In our experience of talking about money management to students, we have found them to be curious. Infact there have been great questions from them showing their inquisitiveness.

Money management is a critical life skill. But do we know enough of it before we start managing our money. Infact we manage our money already and learn about it later in life. In all probability, the hard way in the school of hard knocks!

For a perspective of what we are trying to say, let’s take an example of another simple skill like swimming. Do we swim first and learn about it later? (If we go for a swim without learning first, there won’t be any need to learn, right? You will drown)

That’s how we see people drowning their money!

Money Skills Workshop for Students

We have designed a money management workshop especially for the students based on years of research and talking to the students themselves.

Ranjan Varma, the main Trainer, has written a book on Money Management and has over 25 years of work experience in the financial industry.

Read about the general Money Management program and you will get an idea about the learning outcomes and activities of the program.

Please contact us on details of how we have customized the workshop for students.


One thought on “Money Management Workshop for Students

  1. That is great work you are doing – educating students about finance.

    I read your book, you use so simple language that kids can easily understand finance fundamentals.

    Keep up great work. Would love to stay in touch with you because I am running personal finance blog.

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