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Start with Your Financial Responsibilities

Why at all we need to be a smart investor is a question that some of us ponder over. Why bother over money and the accompanying complications, we sigh.

Let’s take a tour of our financial responsibilities before we answer our own dilemmas.


Role Name Date of birth Occupation


  1. Assets
Sl. Particulars Amount (in Rupees)
1. Cash in Bank Savings A/c
2. Fixed Deposits
3. Government deposits
4. Corporate deposits
5. Mutual Funds
6. Insurance/ULIPs
7. Stocks
8. Gold
9. Real Estate
10. Others


  1. Liabilities
Sl. Particulars Amount (in Rupees)
1. Credit card debt
2. Housing loan
3. Personal loans
4. Others
  1. Networth: (A)-(B)= Rs. _______________________
  2. Monthly income from all sources: ___________________________
  3. Average family monthly expenses: ___________________

Your Financial Life line

|————| —————-|———–| ————-|———-|

0                 25                       50            60                  80            100

There are important milestones in your life. They are:

  • Marriage,
  • Children’s birth,
  • Buying a car/home,
  • Children education,
  • Children’s wedding,
  • Retirement

After going through the above tour of your financial responsibilities, do you now own up your responsibilities?

If yes, we need to be a smart investor so that we maximize our investments while optimize our expenses.

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