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The 7 Laws of Money Management

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason is a 72 page book first published in 1926. It’s a classic book that’s simple and powerful. Download the the_richest_man_in_babylon ebook.

We bring you extracts of the book for quick reading. Here’s part 1 of the series:

Like the law of gravity, they (the money principles) are universal and unchanging. May they prove for you, as they have proven to so many others, a sure key to a fat purse, larger bank balances and gratifying financial progress.


  1. Start thy purse to fattening
  2. Control thy expenditures
  3. Make thy gold multiply
  4. Guard thy treasures from loss
  5. Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment
  6. Insure a future income
  7. Increase thy ability to earn

Start thy purse to fattening

“Now I shall tell thee the first remedy I learned to cure a lean purse. For every ten coins thou placest within thy purse take out for use but nine.

Thy purse will start to fatten at once and its increasing weight will feel good in thy hand and bring satisfaction to thy soul.

“Deride not what I say because of its simplicity. Truth is always simple. I told thee I would tell how built my fortune. This was my beginning. I, too, carried a lean purse and cursed it because there was naught within to satisfy my desires. But when I began to take out from my purse but nine parts of ten I put in, it began to fatten. So will thine.

“Now I will tell a strange truth, the reason for which I know not. When I ceased to pay out more than nine-tenths of my earnings, I managed to get along just as well. I was not shorter than before. Also, ere long, did coins come to me more easily than before.

Surely it is a law of the Gods that unto him who keepeth and spendeth not a certain part of all his earnings, shall gold come more easily. Likewise, him whose purse is empty does gold avoid. “Which desirest thou the most? Is it the gratification of thy desires of each day, a jewel, a bit of finery, better raiment, more food; things quickly gone and forgotten? Or is it substantial belongings, gold, lands, herds, merchandise, income-bringing investments?

The coins thou takest from thy purse bring the first. The coins thou leavest within it will bring the latter. “This, my students, was the first cure I did discover for my lean purse: ‘For each ten coins I put in, to spend but nine.’

This principle is similar to what Pay Yourself First implies. We'll bring you useful extracts of this powerful book regularly. Stay tuned and subscribe to updates

2 thoughts on “The 7 Laws of Money Management

  1. Fantastic book! Whenever I find it a challenge to save or don’t remember exactaly why I’m saving, I always refer back to The Richest Man in Babylon. Just a few pages or a quick short story later and I feel like I never want to spend a dime again. Great book and great reference.

    Thanks for posting the eBook. My paper version was feeling tired. I’ll be sure to share this with so many I know it will help.

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