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The Game of Investing

We all play to win the game. But do you realize that if you are winning all the time, you might be doping! 🙂

Because in reality, all star players win and lose. Yes, the winners win more than they lose and that’s what should be our goal too.

One of the key habits that I have noticed about sports people is how they enjoy their games. The winners can easily shrug off defeats and then look forward to the next challenge. For example, I see a lot of soccer games being played by cricketers!

So it’s important to relax when it comes to the game of investing too. Let’s take a break from serious analytics and advice and have some fun. With this post we kick start a category of “Investing Humour” at RupeeManager.

Here’s an algorithm on investing that is being used by crafty advisors. See if you can crack this algorithm!

This simple calculation will tell you where actually to invest your money.

Select any number from the below given numbers.


Multiply it with 3.

Now add 3 to it.

Multiply the number again with 3.

You will get a two digit number.

Add both the numbers. Now this number will tell you where to invest your money.

1- Land
2- Gold
3- FD
4- Business
5- Shares
6- P.P.F
7. R.D
8. NSC
9. Give it to me
10. Mutual Fund.

If you still not believe, it’s your choice. Try again with some other number 😆

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