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Time for New Beginnings & Re-Design your Life

A New Year is about renewing and redesigning our lives. However the bad news is that sticking to new year resolutions is short-lived.

This happens because our old habits define what we do and changing those habits is difficult.

The cynic in us are already smirking that re-designing our lives is impossible.

The cynicism and the belief system that we cannot change for the better is probably the reason we don’t change!!

Don’t be a victim to your self-developed belief system. Break out of it. That’s how you can be the designer of your life – Warren Stag, MetaPhysicist

Here is a two step guide to help achieve your goals by Nakul Shenoy, The Mind Reader:
1. Decide to be In-Charge of Your Success.

  • Do not be at the mercy of what happens to you. It is way too easy to blame the circumstances, the environment; the events that are seemingly out of our control.
  • Understand the Cause & Effect equation: Are you the cause of your successes, or an effect of the circumstances?
  • It is absolutely essential that you take control, and take ownership of your results: You have to be the cause and not the effect.
  • It is pertinent to change the environment, where and if necessary.
  • Ask yourself this question, repeatedly:
    – Are you responsible for what happens to you?
    – Or are you happy playing the passive victim?

2. Commit. And Take Action.

  • Having established that you are in charge of your fortunes, the second step is to start achieving your goals.
  • For this to happen, you have to take action from the moment you define your goals. Then keep moving forwards.

Start Today. Start Now.

  • What is it that you want to achieve? Are you willing to be the cause of this achievement?
  • What is it that you can do today to begin to get what you want?
  • Take that action.
  • When done, return to Question B. Repeat.

John Wanamaker said, “One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time”.Clearly, the real secret is in taking the next step. Now, and always.

Have an amazing and fruitful 2015.

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