What’s the Best Win-Win Profession? Answer will Startle You!

We discovered a profession that startled us. It will be a shocker for you too.

insurance agentBut first let us lay down the framework on which we made the startling discovery.

Every profession has it’s value. There’s diversity of people’s skill sets and their pre-disposition towards a profession because of family and social influence.

But more often than not, the professions people go for does not tick all the four boxes mentioned above in the graphics. Maybe two or three of the four questions, but not all.

The purpose of this post is about finding the win-win profession that ticks all the boxes.

To my understanding, the one question that is of maximum importance is how we serve our customers or the society at large in what we do.

From the customers’ point of view, we have to figure out what they need instead of what they want. In other words, what matters most is whether we provide our customers with instant gratification (for what they want) or we provide them solutions with delayed gratification (for what they need)

It has been found that more than education or even how well connected folks are – the thing that mattered most to provide a need based solution is their “time perspective.” How much further could they think?

People who remain financially stressed all their lives think only of the immediate now. They make no long term plans. People who do well – the middle class – plan for their retirement and a better financial future. People who become billionaires are however the ones with the longest time perspective.  Because they plan beyond their lives. They plan for their legacy.

What does the society needs for it’s future?

There are three professions that come to my mind when we talk about the needs of our future.

  1. Farmers
  2. Technopreneurs
  3. Insurance & Investment Agents

You need to have a large fertile land and stay in the village to be a Farmer.

Not all techno-preneurs are building a solution for the future. Plus you need to be really good at coding to be able to make an impact.

That leaves us with the insurance/investment agent.

Here’s a profession that’s interested in your long term financial future despite being mocked or avoided.

And here’s the reason for this post. A lady in our society was recounting how another lady in the society pestered her for a insurance policy in her husband’s name. And now she was so grateful for the policy after she lost her husband to a tragic accident.

The insurance agent works for her commission. But she sells a product that is built for a better financial future. It’s not about instant gratification or the instant noodle that’s good to eat but is not at all healthy.

Yes, there are many dishonest agents who are interested in short term commission gains and not in the customers’ interest. But we are talking about the profession and not the people of the profession.

The profession itself is interested in your financial future. Selling insurance is perhaps the hardest sales challenge since it is intangible and not about instant results.

Personally, this is a great discovery for me. When I give lectures on financial awareness and participants ask for solutions, I haughtily say that I’m not an agent. By not giving them solutions, my lectures end up to be just empty words.

I have till now avoided taking up the agency work. But I have discovered that this is one of the most honest and noble professions. I will apply for the agency license soon.

What do you think about this post? Do you agree or have an argument to make? Or can you suggest a profession that ticks all the boxes?

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